Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Hi, folks.

Toronto-based harmonica wizard Danny B will be the featured guest to appear in concert with "The Little Easy" at Dom's French Quarter Saturdays for the matinee of Oct 11th. Danny B puts the "harm" back into harmonica! Please find his bio below.

Also, Dom has also added a complete Cajun menu to complement the N'awlins theme of this superb concert series exclusively at Patrick Sheehan's Irish Pub (St. Catharines, ON), where "the Southern crosses the Clover"!

TORONTO -- "Too much whiskey, too many cigarettes", reflects veteran Toronto bluesman Danny B. "It took me a lot to get this voice." That voice is instantly recognizable as the one that croons the familiar "You're on your way with Esso" jingle heard across the country.
"My claim to fame, and I'm so proud of this, is that I got paid union scale to burp", Danny says, laughing. "It was an Old Milwaukee commercial. It took a whole can of soda to get that nice wet burp happening." Soda? No free beer? "No, that happens after the gig", he says with mock-horror. "I'm a professional!"
A sort of bluesman of all trades, a harp-blowing bluesman of all shades who specializes in fronting small combos, he'll do what the gig requires, and, in keeping with the club's swing and jump blues image, he says he's rediscovered his love of Louis Armstrong and Louis Prima. Still, his harmonica is never far from his lips.
Mojo Willie

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