Thursday, October 23, 2008


Subscribers have already received the pages for this week’s to-nite magazine, #422, in their inboxes as jpg images. Here are some of the stories they’re reading about:

Steve Payne’s farewell bash Oct. 25;

How Applejacks is making its mark in Mississauga;

Brian Gladstone’s new weekly open stage;

What’s up with Renaissance Café?;

Bert and Ernie’s goes under;

Oct. 26 showcase by The McDales at Gabby’s;

Anthony Gomes coming to Silver Dollar;

Another multiple award-winning Jazz act coming to Chalkers;

Oct. 26 benefit for Martin Lesmond;

Sady T’s new show night;

New talent at Axis Grill Tuesday jam;

The prime of Miss Rebecca Matiesen;

and more, including expanded daily listings!

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