Saturday, October 25, 2008


Do or die with The McDales at my open stage Sun., Oct. 26

I’m really hoping that this Sunday’s feature at my evening open stage at Gabby’s Bistro brings in some audience and more performers, because otherwise it will be the last one.

The club owner is very new to live entertainment and doesn’t realize that these events take time to build, so told me last night that if we don’t get a good turnout this week for the 8 pm-1 am show that he’ll be canceling it.

Fortunately we have a feature showcase that should make it worth your while to come out and enjoy an intimate atmosphere with good food, reasonably-priced drinks and decent sound. That’d be The McDales - Herb Dale and Fran McCann, who’ve been out a couple of times already and who say the room is very much to their liking. Their set will start at 10 pm.

As always I’ll have a house guitar and 49-key polyphonic keyboard (with full-size keys) available for performers who wish to use them. And between live action sets, I’ll be spinning tracks by local and Canadian singer-songwriters and bands – the people that you actually know and love!

The club is located at 383 Eglinton Ave. E., three blocks east of Mount Pleasant (in Toronto), and it’s easily accessible by TTC from Eglinton Station, where the Lawrence East, Eglinton East, Flemington Park, and several other buses all pass by (get off at the first stop east of Mount Pleasant) – and buses run 24 hours along this route!

I really hope to see you there this week or I won’t be seeing you there at all!

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