Thursday, October 16, 2008


Ever wished you could have to-nite magazine delivered to you? Well, now you can –weekly! I’m calling it “to-nite TNG” –The Next Generation!

The magazine is going to be published weekly again and from now on, like issue #420, will bein full colour! However, only a very limited number of hard copies will be available and exclusively through advertisers, whether musicians, clubs or retailers. (Another benefit of advertising.)

We live in a world where nearly everyone is on the internet now and in which the consumption of trees for hard copies and gasoline to deliver them needs to be kept to a minimum. Therefore from now on I’ll be focusing on disseminating to-nite via the internet and you can now purchase a subscription to receive the full colour pages (in .jpg format) in your inbox! From there you can view them on any image viewer or print them out at your discretion.

The cost is just $5 per month or $39 for a year. To see a sample of what you’ll receive when you become an online subscriber go to:

Alternatively you can see the issue in the Issue #420 folder on the Files page when you join the to-nite yahoo group at .

This new model also has some other big advantages for everyone:

It makes it much more affordable for me to produce and I can pass the savings on by reducing ad rates and making more pages;

By freeing me from relying primarily on income from club advertisers, and by making you, the reader, the source of most of my income, once again the magazine will be reader-driven instead of being such a shill for clubs. to-nite TNG will be telling it like it really is because that’s what people really want to know about;

Starting with Issue #421 I’ll be expanding the listings to include shows that I consider worth attending whether or not they have advertising in the magazine –another example of how the magazine will become once again the servant of the reader instead of the advertising dollar;
I’ll also be providing instant updates to your inbox whenever any of the information in the magazine needs to be updated (shows cancelled, new shows, etc.).

After you’ve checked out the free sample issue just send me an email to telling me whether you want to subscribe by the month or the year and we’ll arrange online payment.

Or, if you already know you want to subscribe, make the electronic banking payment to me via that email address or go to one of the PayPal addresses below:

For monthly subscription, $5 Cdn/month:

For yearly subscription, $39.00 Cdn.:

Hope you’ll be part of this exciting new chapter in the to-nite adventure!

Gary 17,
Publisher & Editor, to-nite magazine
Tel: 416-424-1743

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