Friday, April 17, 2009

17 Again? I’m Gary 17 still and I’m Forecasting at California tonight!

There’s a new movie in town starting tonight called “17 Again” that’s had some pretty terrible reviews, so I feel safe in saying that you’d be better off coming to California Pub [in Toronto] to see this 17 again: me!

My duo, The Forecasters, performs there for the launch of the new Double Feature Fridays live music series at the club. Of course, you could always see the movie, then come see me on stage live and have a whole night of 17 Again/Double Feature experiences. The mind reels.

Naturally I’m excited to be part of the first Friday week’s show as I team up with my musical partner in chime, Rob Minderman, as The Forecasters do two sets at this cozy, clean and easy-to-get-to club. We’ll mix it up with originals and covers, doing some of my songs, some of Rob’s, a few we wrote together and a bunch of previously loved Top 40 hits from across the decades.

We’ll also have Peter & Peter —i.e. Pete Otis and Peter Verity together— doing an opening set for us starting at 9:30 p.m. And all this for no ticket price (sure beats the cinema!) plus you can drink alcohol, buy better snacks cheaper and even step out to the patio for a smoke and still see the show!

Getting to California is a breeze –and there’s a small parking lot for five or six vehicles behind it, while street parking is free after 9 p.m. on both sides of Pape. Several buses run by frequently, including the Mortimer bus (#62) between Broadview and Main stations and, north from Pape Station, the Thorncliffe Park (#81) and Don Mills (#25) buses –and after 1 a.m. the Don Mills 303 bus runs all night between Steeles and Queen and stops on Pape right out front of the club’s entrance at 914 Pape Avenue on the corner of Pape and Mortimer a few blocks north of Danforth Ave.

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