Sunday, April 26, 2009


Hi, Blues fans.

The deadline for our Halifax Blues application is next Wednesday (Apr. 29). If you haven’t already…Please send us a letter of support.

The support letter for Halifax is now up on the Blues In Canada (BIC) website - Just go to the website, click on the link that says “Click me to support our Halifax application”, and that will take you to an auto-generated email page.

All you need to do from there is fill out your name, address, and contact info at the top of the letter and then hit the “send” button, and the letter will be sent to us. We’ll then submit all support letters to the CRTC, which will become part of our file on the public record. If you wish to add your own personal comments to the letter, or craft a letter completely of your own, you are encouraged to do so – it has more impact on the CRTC committee.

Here's the second way:

Supporters who wish to craft their own personalized letters, as opposed to the form letter on BIC, are encouraged to upload them directly to the CRTC website themselves. These are highly regarded by the Commission.

Instructions are below:

1) Step 1 of 6

Go to

2) Scroll down and click the button on the left of the page that says 2009-158

3) Step 2 of 6

The next page will show a list of the applicants. Click to place a checkmark in the small square beside our name and application number, i.e. "200816457 Frank Torres (OBCI)"

4) Click the “Next” button at the bottom right of the page

5) Step 3 of 6

The first box reads “my comments are in:” Click the down arrow and select the last option that says “support.”

6) In the large box, enter your comments, or if you wish to compose your letter in a word file and then attach the word file, you may do so by clicking the “browse” and “upload” buttons respectively.

The first line of all letters should say: “I support the Frank Torres (OBCI) application to start a Blues radio station in Halifax.”

7) Click the “next” button, bottom right

8) Step 4 of 6

In the box relating to appearing at the oral hearings, click the down arrow and select the line that says “do not want to appear.”

9) Click the “next” button, bottom right

10) Step 5 of 6

On this page, you will fill out your contact information. You must provide either an email address or a telephone or fax number. Click the box that says, “I will also be sending a copy of my comments to the applicant.”

11) Click the “Next” button, bottom right

12) Step 6 of 6

This is a confirmation/send page.


Ed Torres

General Manager

SkyWords Radio

Canada's Source for Radio Content

95 Royal Crest Court Unit 5

Markham, ON L3R 9X5

Tel: 905-470-7655 ext. 120

Fax: 905-470-1655


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