Friday, September 11, 2009


John Mayall's been busy this year! After completely changing his band lineup, recording a new album for Eagle Records and then embarking on a successful tour schedule this summer--including opening for BB King (a photo of the band with BB is posted in our photo gallery)--we are pleased to announce the release of John Mayall's 57th official album, Tough. Release dates: September 7 in UK and Europe and this Tuesday, September 15, in the US. We are currently taking orders at for Tuesday's first shipment.


John Mayall's new album with his new band is gritty and urban, current and strong—a study in the struggle of the current state of the world, the difficulties with human relationships, the pitfalls of temptations and, finally, the promise of hope.

Produced by John Mayall himself, this album is also the debut of his new band lineup, making this a new start with fresh new blood. A collection of 11 new songs, written by various artists and himself, constructs a statement about where, at nearly 76, he is at this point in his life, told from the wisdom of a man who has lived it all, with a voice of power and strength.

The players make up John Mayall's current touring band, notably his latest guitar discovery from Texas, Rocky Athas. Rounding out this powerhouse ensemble is a hard-hitting blues rhythm section from Chicago: Greg Rzab on bass and Jay Davenport on drums; Tom Canning on organ and piano; and, of course, John Mayall on keyboards, organ, harmonica, guitar and vocals.


We'd also like to send you a link to a live sampling of the band and interview of John Mayall with Paul Jones at the Maryport Blues Festival last July 25, on BBC Radio2. They feature All Your Love, Parchman Farm and Dream About the Blues as well as the short interview.

Long Live the Blues!

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