Sunday, September 27, 2009


Vote NOW for your Hometown Western Arctic Girl for the Native American Music Awards!

Hey, My Favourite Fans!!

I've been nominated for Best Pop Recording at the 2009 Native American Music Awards, being held in Niagara Falls, New York, October 3rd.

I Need YOU to vote now by going to: and then clicking on giant yellow "CLICK TO VOTE"

Fill in your name. It will ask for a US State. Put Alaska...
The go to #18 Best Pop Recording and pick me :D

Its all of your efforts that have brought me here and I need you all to take a minute out of your day to VOTE.
Thanks so much for your tireless support, letters and words of encouragement.
I live completely by my music and you are the reason I can make these dreams come true!
Please ask your co-workers, friends and family to vote too.


New Album - Country Classics and Home Town Favorites! NAME THE NEW ALBUM CONTEST

I am working on an album for my people back home. All the tunes you've heard me belt out over the years at the Trapper, Jamborees and 'house concerts'. The ol'skool party tunes...memories of home and playing with my Dad.

I've been getting letters, phone calls and emails asking me when are you going to do an album of our favourite songs...Well I am listening to you and its coming soon.

We started recording the new Country album September 18th and will be available for sale in October.

To purchase or reserve your copy please drop me a line and I'll get you on the list. All sales from this album go towards the new album coming in Spring 2009 with original tunes and I am so looking forward to what's to come.

Album CONTEST EXTENDED to Sunday 11:59pm to 'NAME THE NEW LEANNE GOOSE ALL REQUEST CLASSICS ALBUM CONTEST' I've received over 100 entries so far ...I'll announce a winner and runner-ups on October 15th.
Winner will receive a free CD and their name on the album credits.

Email me your entries at or or post on my facebook wall.


The NWT 2010 Performers start rehearsals soon and I look forward to a break from the grind and working with the group. 2010 Winter Olympics!! HERE WE COME!!!
I'll be in Yellowknife November 9 to 15th, for rehearsals and possible show.

I am also looking for handmade beaver mukluks, mitts, slippers, parka and other NWT fashions to wear to upcoming events, especially to the Olympics. Please send me contact info, photos, etc of designers, and crafts people. I wanna look like the NWT in clothes made by my people and show the world the stunning craftsmanship.

Thanks again for taking time to vote. Much Luff!!

Drop me a line anytime :)


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