Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Upcoming concerts:

Thursday Sept.3: Tim Hus with Jay Aymar @ Dakota Tavern

Wednesday Sept. 9: Doc MacLean and Big Dave McLean @ Hugh's Room
(opening gig for Century Blues Tour)

Wednesday Sept. 16: Andrea Ramolo with Jack Marks @ Hugh's Room (welcome home Andrea!)

Friday Oct. 18: Roxanne Potvin with Paul Reddick with David Baxter) @ Hugh's Room
(Roxy's first major Toronto show since Glenn Gould Theatre)

Friday Sept. 25: Katherine Wheatley with guest Ariana Gillis @ Hugh's Room
(release of Wheat's super new CD)

Friday Oct. 9: The Undesirables @ Hugh's Room

Tuesday Oct. 20: Ariana Gillis with guest David Celia (release of Ariana's new CD)

Sunday Oct. 25: Susan Werner @ Hugh's Room

Wednesday Oct. 28: Maria Muldaur @ Hugh's Room (Garden of Joy jug band CD release)

Sunday January 17: Jeremy Spencer (Fleetwood Mac founder) @ Hugh's Room

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