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Upcoming Uriah Heep live dates!

04 September - De Nieuwe Pul, Uden, Holland
05 September - Trix XI, Hof Ter Lo, Antwerp, Belgium
06 September - The Olympia, Paris, France
08 September - The Rock, Copenhagen, Denmark
09 September - Posterrn, Odense, Denmark
10 September - Fermaten, Herning, Denmark
11 September - Soenderborghus, Sonderborg, Denmark
12 September - Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Holland
04 November - The Garage at Classic Rock Roll of Honor Show, Highbury, London, UK
*** URIAH HEEP - “Celebration - The 40th Anniversary" Tour ***
12 November - Rosenhof, Osnabrück, Germany
13 November - Halle 101, Speyer, Germany
16 November - Rankwell, Austria
18 November - Spielberg, Austria
19 November - Jako-Arena, Bamberg, Germany
20 November - Mühltalhalle, Bad Rappenau, Germany
21 November - Glockenspitzhalle, Krefeld, Germany
22 November - Whintertur, Switzerland
24 November - Pratteln, Switzerland
26 November - Tonhalle, München, Germany
27 November - Hessenhalle, Alsfeld, Germany
28 November - Jakob-Kiefer- Halle, Bad Kreuznach, Germany
30 November - Spectrum, Augsburg, Germany

All details, tickets info, phone numbers:
http://www.uriah- newa/livedates. php

- To celebrate their 40th anniversary Uriah Heep decided to look back to their past without
melancholy or nostalgia. Uriah Heep look to the future proud and happy about their 40 years of
joyful relationship with their audience. That's how the title "Celebration" came about. Three versions of this release will be available:

Standard Edition (CD Only), Deluxe Edition (CD + DVD "Live at Sweden Rock Festival 2009") and Collector's Edition (CD + 7" vinyl, 2 bonus tracks, signed by the band). Click here to read
everything about this new release:

http://www.uriah- newa/Celebration /index.php .

Release Date: 9 September, 2009

- The Dutch Heep clan invites you for a Heep meeting prior to the September 4th gig in Uden,
Holland. The place to be is Café de Monty Python: http://www.montypyt (the venue is
next door ). Address: Kapelstraat 19 - Uden. You are welcome from 17.00 on till the gig
starts. We will celebrate 40 years of Heep with one beer for every year! Don't miss this... Let
us know if you are coming down, e-mails must go to louis@uriah- .

- First photos of Uriah Heep with Mark Clarke on bass on December 29th, 1971 - Palasport, Bologna, Italy:

http://www.uriah- newa/gigs/ Uriah%20Heep% 20Palasport% 20Bologna% 20Italy%20decemb er%2029%201971/ album/index. html

The only known series of photos featuring the short lived Mark Clarke line-up on stage, many thanks to George Fyron.

- A great serie of pics: Uriah Heep in Banja Luca, Bosnia on July 18 2009:

http://www.uriah- newa/gigs/ Uriah%20Heep% 20Banja%20Luca% 20july%2018% 202009/album/ index.html

Croatia 2009:

http://www.uriah- newa/gigs/ Uriah%20Heep% 20Croatia% 202009/album/ index.html

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- These are the last 2 weeks for the current Mick Box auction at

http://www.shirtoff mybackauctions. com

Just click on the "Current Auction" link... This is an actual SHIRT OFF HIS BACK this time! The next auction will start in 2 weeks and contain some very cool stage gear.

- Check out Ken Hensley's website for his latest reports as well as some cool stuff from the
Finnish lands and so: http://www.ken- (also plenty of new gigs announced!).

Also worth checking is this cool (very) recent version of "The Wizard" featuring Ken & Live Fire: com/watch? v=4X5cAuhQiiM.

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