Friday, August 01, 2008


Message from Robin Gregory (jazz singer):
Hello, Friends. I am forwarding this on to you. Hope you are able to attend; should be very exciting. Plus, you'll be in the film as an audience participant!
To find out more about Aisha Tyler and her career, go to:

Hope to see you there!
Message from Aisha:
If you or anyone you know is going to be in San Francisco the second week of August, or wants a good excuse to spend a weekend in a fantastic city, I am shooting my first one-hour standup special for television at the WORLD FAMOUS FILLMORE AUDITORIUM in my beautiful hometown of San Francisco. Hooray!

Needless to say I am totally excited and puke-a-little nervous, and so hope to look out and see many friendly faces in the audience. It's going to be a killer night in a fantastic venue, and I promise a kickass show unlike any you've ever seen.
'hope your summer is blazing hot and filled with good things... Aisha!
P.S. No, I do not really smoke. That is a prop. Hollywood magic!

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