Thursday, August 07, 2008


Hi, Folks.

Tonight (thursday, august 7th), I'll be back hosting the warm and friendly open mike, from 9pm-1am, at Michelle's Beaches, 1955 Queen St. E, Toronto, 416 693 4454. Thanks to all the wonderful players and singers who've been coming out, and to Michelle and the great staff for making it the most interesting, open-minded and fun loving musical environment I've ever played (in public during regular hours*).

Michelle's Beaches, 1955 Queen St. E, Toronto, 416 693 4454

On Saturday, aug 9th, I'll be part of a Toronto Fingerstyle Guitar Association session at the Markham/Unionville Jazz Festival. We'll be in front of the Harvest Restaurant on Main St. on Saturday night. It starts at 7pm with a solo set by Brian O'Sullivan, followed at 7:40 by TFGA president Randy Finney and Dave Barrett, then a set from 9:30 to 11pm, featuring yours truly, playing some solo pieces and some duets with good buddy Dunstan Morey. Having these four fine players all picking hot licks, I thought of a good name for them, if they were a quartet:
the four horsemen of the uh pickerlicks!

Ooooh - I better git, I think I see the ghost riders in the sky, comin' to git me.

For a map, click the link:

Now, as for the *asterisk. Two hours after we finish up in Unionville, I head out to Lorraine's "jazz soiree", to play the best after-hours jazz speakeasy I've ever seen. 1-4:30am, I'll be joined by Dave Gould, drums/percussion, and Brian Legere, guitar. Lorraine is a true music-lover, making her twice-monthly jazz night a sanctuary, a temple of the love of music. Many of Toronto's finest musicians have played there for it's 15 plus years of operation, and I'm honoured to be able to say that I was one of the first. Jazz, Blues, Latin, Funk, R&B, Reggae, Free Jazz.....roots music and variations of all stripes thrive at Lorraine's, making her a musical patron saint - a modern day Nica, for you of the jazz dream. She just relocated form King and Strachan area to Queen and Ossington. Located here: the lane just west of Ossington, in between Argyle and Humbert. Parking would likely be on Queen St., one block south.

Then, after all those worldly pleasures, on 2-3 hours of sleep, I have a church gig - as the guest speaker! It will at 10am, sunday august 10th, at Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation. 79 Hiawatha Road, Toronto, (between Gerrard St E. and Dundas St E., west of Coxwell Ave) Click here for map

The official title of the talk is "music, magic and metaphor". The unofficial title will be "Praise the Lord and pass the coffee!". I'm sure God will provide the stamina and composure needed to share the joy and meaning of music in the moment.

well, thanks for your time - happy thursday!



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