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We at the White Mouse would like to re-release the late Mark Severn's originals and have his music run thru the airwaves again.....all proceeds to go to the Severn family. Please read the press release below.

jik (Mark's friend since childhood)


What is the concept behind Hevy D Music?

Hevy d music was created to help independent artists get exposure and help with the most expensive part of promotion - marketing. After developing an extremely successful national company, called HEVY D'S OLD FASHIONED KETTLE KORN, our attention was soon put on our own marketing and ideas for making our company unique from any other snack food company in the world.

With sales of more than one million bags sold monthly across Canada and soon to be throughout the US, I suddenly realized I had a vehicle in the popcorn bag. I could put anything in that bag, but what?

Over the last year, with different fundraisers, I soon found myself surrounded by world-class artists that needed help with their own band's marketing and to help get them the exposure they so drastically needed. With CD sales down and satellite radio taking over from FM, mp3 pirating, etc., artists now more than ever need help.

One night it came to me - a joint venture between my popcorn company and the music industry. The concept is simple. We will create a website similar to but much more advanced than itunes, bring in and form partnerships with all branches of music, artists, producers, songwriters, manufacturers, systems (dmds), promoters, music news, forums, etc.

Our vision is to form a music community where business is conducted and promoted. How does it work? The artists are screened by producers of music from different genres. If the artists meet our criteria, they are accepted. The artist has to donate one free song to go with others on a download card put inside the popcorn bag. When the consumers get the download card, they go to hevy d music where, when they put the code into the download box, they are taken to that artist's own page. They then can download one free designated song by that artist. At that time, they can sample (30 sec) all of the artist's music, all of which sells for 79 cents per song.

Here's the catch - the artists makes 100% of any download money, they are put on the site for free, and the only payment we get is the use of their one song for a limited time. Who does it help? This system could change music, period. For producers, you now can offer your artists your producing, instant free marketing, and 100% of their download money. It will bring new and old talent seved up to producers, song writers, manufacturers, promoters, etc.

There is also a quick three-question questionnaire to fill out before someone downloads a song. The info is gathered and given to the artists. It will give the artist age, gender, and location across Canada of where their music is being downloaded (very valuable). We also have our own internet radio station that will play only our artists' music.

Question: Is this smoke and mirrors?


1. The machine is in place and has been tested already. Putting the download cards into the bag works flawlessly.

2. We have several world class producers and artists aboard already.

3. The music website/community is now being built.

4. Completion date - Aug. 1/08, launch date - Sept. 1/08.

We need 100 artists in place by Aug 17. Radio station launch - Sept. 18.

By Jan./09 over 3 million bags per/month production. Food for thought. What would it do for a artist to be downloaded over 500,000 times in 1 month? I hope this will help.

Barry Stecyk
creative new media


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