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August 22, 2008

Following this message is a press release which will provide you with details about the launch of our exciting, new national distribution program which will bring the recordings of Canada's greatest Aboriginal entertainers to the forefront of the Canadian music market. This most unique and wide-ranging initiative is being spearheaded by, a business owned and operated by myself, Errol Ranville, also known as C-Weed, a veteran of 40 years on the national Aboriginal music scene.

The Aboriginal music and live entertainment market has been expanding exponentially during the last decade as evidenced by the numbers of sold out concerts and national music awards shows created and broadcast throughout Canada. The only downfall has been the lack of an effective marketing and distribution network allowing the public easy access to Aboriginal Artists recordings. CDPlus stores have stepped up and offered to develop front line racks featuring Aboriginal Artists music in their mainstream record stores throughout Canada and this national distribution program is being supported by a massive, multimedia public relations and advertising campaign.

The music of contemporary Aboriginal recording artists encompasses all genres – from rock to Pow wow and country, hip hop to M├ętis fiddle. We are combining the best of our traditional Aboriginal chants and rhythms with modern music styles to create an appeal to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples alike. Keen curiosity shrouds the elusive Pow wow music; the opportunity to experience this cultural phenomenon almost nil for many of us. Now, CDPlus will be a gateway to bringing this and all types of aboriginal artists’ music right into our homes and vehicles. Another cultural blending, if you will, though a medium that we all understand - song.

The launch of this new Aboriginal Artists distribution program, and the social and economic benefits which are associated with this effort, is certain to be of interest to your readers/ viewers/listeners. I am available for live interviews, which can easily be arranged by contacting Marcie at I am also available to provide any additional information you may require.

In the meantime, thank you most kindly for your interest and consideration in regards to this exciting new initiative.
Yours sincerely,

Errol Ranville
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Aboriginal Music Invasion Will Repeat the Success of British Invasion & Motown

For release - Aug 27/2008

An exciting, brand new national initiative that will bring CD recordings by Canada's veteran, emerging, and traditional Aboriginal entertainers to the front racks of popular, mainstream consumer record stores, has been launched.

"Canada is witnessing an Aboriginal Music invasion, similar to what happened during the British invasion of the 1960s, or the success of Motown. There has been an explosion of contemporary Aboriginal entertainment which has been recognized by the Junos and numerous national music award shows", said Errol Ranville. "Rising young stars and veterans are playing sold out shows throughout the country, but the public has been unable to buy recordings by these artists except from the stage. All of that is changed now with our new national distribution program."

"Starting this week, CDPlus stores will honour its major commitment to create and stock Aboriginal entertainers with prominent display racks called, "Aboriginal Artist's Music by", throughout their many stores in Canada. This will develop access and mass distribution and we fully expect to develop the industry just like they did with Motown out of Detroit, which finally brought incredible, but previously unheard black music to the mainstream music lover with incredible success."

We will be supporting sales in CDPlus through a major, mass advertising campaign on NewCap Radio and APTN, as well as print media outlets", said Errol Ranville, who is heading up this major new thrust in bringing Aboriginal music to the mainstream market, after breaking through to the mainstream himself with the C-weed Band (whose major hits include "Evangeline", "I Wanna Fly", "Run as One", “Redemption” and many more).

“This is an exciting chance to provide visibility and a dedicated platform to a group of musicians typically under-represented in today’s marketplace. At CDPlus, we have always felt that our unique focus on bringing music that goes beyond the Top 40 to communities located outside of major urban centers is our greatest strength. Working closely with partners such as Errol Ranville and, APTN and NewCap Radio, who are passionate about getting this music into the hands of the people who need and want to hear it, is very refreshing. Together I am certain we can make this growing relationship a huge success”, said John Toews of CDPlus.

Jean Larose, CEO of the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network said, “The artists are called upon every time a major celebration is being planned and they always step up to the plate. This project is an opportunity for the Aboriginal media to return the support.” APTN is a major co-sponsor of this project.

Newcap Radio has a syndication of over 80 radio stations across the nation and will play a major air support role and sponsorship of this project. “We are getting to know the players in the Aboriginal Music Industry and intend to do our part in supporting Aboriginal Music initiatives in the communities that our radio stations serve”, says Glenda Spenrath, Director of Operations for Newcap Radio. “We are excited about this partnership and want to ensure that this Aboriginal music distribution project is a success.”

"The only thing that has been missing has been an effective distribution system so that mainstream music lovers can buy Aboriginal music. The "Aboriginal Artists Music by, at CDPlus, solves this problem", said Ranville.

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