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Playlist for Episode #3 of the Open Season Radio Show by Gary 17

Released August 12, 2008 ; accessible any time at

Go to Shows page, open Infotainment folder (or open it directly from the main page if you see it there) and you’ll see links to all three episodes there. The arrow button brings up a built-in player on which you can listen to the show. If you want to visit other sites while you listen, you’ll need to keep that site open, so either open a new tab (if you have tabbed browsing) or start another version of your browser to use for surfing, etc. The playlist appears below.

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Playlist for Episode #3:

1. medley (n/a) –performed by Ricky Day, live at Bar 703;

2. “We’re Here For A Good Time” (Trooper) – performed by Rick Spyder & Jeff Farr, recorded live at O’Malley’s Pub, July 15, 2008;

3. medley (LMT Connection) –from Outta Control by LMT Connection, 2000;

4. “Me and The Dog” (Hawley-Shaw) – from The Joint, by Chris Hawley & Joshua Shaw, 2007;

5. “A River I Know” (Michael Laderoute) – from A River I Know by Michael Laderoute, 2004;

6. “Fox On The Run” (bluegrass standard) – performed by ‘Red River String Band’, recorded live at Dave’s Pizza, August 7, 2008;

7. “Squeeze Me” ??? (?) – performed by Roz Kimbra, recorded live at Chalker’s Pub, August 7, 2008 ;

8. “Too Drunk To Funk” (Dave Murphy) – performed by Dave Murphy Band, recorded live at Orbit Room, July 25, 2008;

9. “In The Court Of The Crimson King” (King Crimson) – performed by Grown Men, recorded live August 2, 2008;

10. “Ain’t She Sweet” (Milton Ager & Jack Yellen) – performed by Tonight’s Menu, recorded live at The Brickyard, June 27, 2008

Enjoy! – Gary 17

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