Friday, August 15, 2008


THEZine Summer Update
THEZine is currently in Holiday mode until after Labor Day. Many of our readers are not at their e mail this time of year. I take the liberty to give myself a much needed break as well.
Our e-flyers are still on line to view, so just the weekly email send-out is taking a time out.

If you want to get an e-flyer up on our website now for our summer surfers to view, just let me know. See you in September with the weekly Zine mailings.

Upcoming FALL PROMO SPECIAL and additions

Book ahead now for fall insertions. Use any of our three month packages; you will have one e flyer placed on our website for one month at no extra cost.

Zine e-flyers are now hosted on our website for your convenience to access any time.

Once weekly a direct send out will go out (similar to this one) with direct links to all the current e flyers and their websites on it.
Please have a boo at the flyers currently on line of some of the Charities and Events THEZine supports and sponsors.
Visit our website at for pricing and more info on our Fall Special and on THEZine.

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