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Appended below is a press release for Canadian spoken word/song duo AURAL Heather, just back from their tour of Eastern Canada and Chicago and New York City in support of their new Princess Nut CD. You can hear them at or

Heather and Roderick are available for in-studio or telephone interviews.


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AURAL Heather Take Their Groundbreaking Spoken Word Songs On The Road

Princess Nut International CD Tour 08/09 Vancouver, BC, Aug 2, 2008—AURAL Heather has just returned triumphant from the eastern Canada/U.S. leg of their international tour. Their groundbreaking spoken word songs were received enthusiastically in Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, Chicago, New York and Montreal. Read a glowing Sound Bytes review of both the live show and Princess Nut here: In November they head to the southern U.S, to Australia in January 2009 and then to Europe in April.

AURAL Heather is Heather Haley, Roderick Shoolbraid and “a unique, sublime fusion of song and spoken word.” Shoolbraid is a dazzling guitarist, composer, sound designer and DJ. Old School and proud of it, Haley is a maverick poet, singer, author and media artist often found pushing boundaries and always on the vanguard.

“A Canadian national treasure”, Haley started writing verse in high school and her life as a bona fide artist began on the stage of the infamous Smilin’ Buddha in Vancouver fronting the all-girl punk band the Zellots. She was a member of the 45s with Randy Rampage and Brad Kent of DOA and the Avengers. Later she formed HHZ—Heather Haley & the Zellots—praised by LA Weekly music critic Craig Lee as one of the city’s “Ten Great Bands.” These talented and charming redheads, working in a myriad of media and from disparate backgrounds, have joined forces in bold experimentalism for the past four years, producing a series of live shows, a videopoem called Purple Lipstick and their first CD, Surfing Season. Haley is an artist intimate with the music of language. Raised on folk and country music, she discovered rock and was composing poems and songs from the age of six. Shoolbraid has always been open to re-working the paradigms at hand, though classical music and jazz have been the pillars of his career. Their sound has evolved into the unique, emotionally charged spoken word songs of AURAL Heather, “brawny, uncompromising” poetry and music that rouses audiences with a high-impact live show and places them in a genre-crossing, category-defying position, truly and only unto themselves. Praise for AURAL Heather:“Your new work is superb. Real gutsy and political, yet ripe with emotion.”-Kedrick James, poet, raconteur“Very interesting and powerful words driven by great beats and sounds.” -Brian Routh, Kipper Kids“Brilliant! You rock, and you’re going to make your audiences rock.” -author Biff Mitchell“The poetry and music here is vital and alive. The performance has its own energy that draws in the audience. Put these words and music together, and the whole truly is greater than the parts.”-Sound Bytes

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