Sunday, August 24, 2008


Dear Friends of Gina,

I hope this summer finds you in a peaceful positive place in your life. October 17, 2000 marks 8 years since Gina walked out of Duggan's Pub in Lincoln, NE, and we appreciate all the support you have given my family, as well as many other families that GINA works with. A lot has happened to us all since then. A lot has happened in the world since then. I hope that no matter what has happened to anyone of us that we all see the merit in endeavoring to create something good, truthful, hope building and lasting.

It's Squeaky Wheel Tour® time again. Oct 17-Nov 4 is the 19-day period when 100's of artists all over the world profile missing people at their events. In 2007, 33 people were found that were profiled by SWT/GINA family of artists and my band, Clementine.

It is quite a costly program, but nearly every day this week I received a request from family members of the missing for help in getting the word out about their missing loved one. Though we are counting on donations to make this happen, no amount of money or effort can measure the value of bringing their loved one's home.

1) I am asking you to help by donating whatever you can to help make this happen.

2) If you own a business or know of a corporation that would be interested in sponsoring this year's SWT tour, we are in urgent need of your help. Please contact me ASAP.

3) In addition we accept good thoughts, good ideas, good energy and prayers as well. Also, if I have not touched base with you in a while let me know how you and your family are, I am truly interested. Taking this task on has consumed a lot of my waking hours since Gina disappeared, but I still care about you and am very interested in what's happening in your world. To see how your generous donations will be used, view excerpts from SWT 2006 & 2007.

Thanks for taking the time to read and view this.

YouTube - FINDING GINA "Chicago Hope"

Keep the light on...

Jannel Rap

Join The Squeaky Wheel Tour® Oct 17-Nov 4

In honor of Gina Bos, missing since Oct. 17, 2000

Clementine Tours US for 19 days

YouTube - FINDING GINA "Connect"


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